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Ashaanti 2020

Ashaanti album 2020 is Written, Produced, and Performed by Zoram Music, It consists 7 Songs of RNB and TRAP Genres which were written in 2019, It is available on all major Music Platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Saavn, Even Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat Music Libraries.

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Zoram is a Singer, Song Writer, Rap Artist, Music Producer and a Sound Engineer, He’s been creating music since last 10 years and have trained more than 100+ Music Producers world wide, He is a Versatile Creator, He prefers to be called as an Artist as he thinks if you limit yourself to a one particular Genre you’re limiting your Growth, He can Professionally Produce RnB, Urban Punjabi, Trap Music, Uk Bhangra, Bollywood Romantics, Raggae, Dancehall and Many more. He says there are many flavours to release in my songs in future.

I was born with a Musical Heart and i will Die with it.